Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bronzers ( NARS-Benefit-Chanel-MAC)

I love using bronzers, they are my favorite makeup products after lipsticks. My first bronzer was MAC's Smooth Harmony, a limited edition beauty powder that unfortunately I don't have anymore :(  it had such a beautiful light bronze shade. Anyways, let's see the ones I have now which are very popular in the makeup world.
As seen from the photos and swatches, Benefit Hoola is the coolest shade and MAC Solar Riche is warmer. Generally I prefer the cooler shades because my skin has cool undertones.
Chanel Bronze Universal is the most natural-looking beacause of the cream formula it has and blends beautifully in skin and is the most long lasting of the four. Nars Laguna and MAC Solar Riche have a little bit of gold shimmer, but when applied on the skin MAC's SR loses the shimmer and leaves skin with a satin finish. Nars Laguna has more of a shimmery finish but in a natural way, not like a disco ball :D.
As for the prices Chanel is the most expensive of the four and MAC is the least expensive. By the way, Solar Riche is limited edition, normally you can't find it in stores but almost every summer they release it with their summer collections.

 Swatches L-R: Benefit Hoola, Nars Laguna, MAC Solar Riche, Chanel Bronze Universel

In this photo you can see that only Nars Laguna and Chanel Bronze Universal stayed after I wiped my arm with a paper towel. Mac Solar Riche and Benefit Hoola almost dissapeared.
So to sum it up, if you would ask me which one of the above bronzers i would choose if i had to have only one it would be Chanel Bronze Universal because it's the most natural looking.

Which are your favorite bronzers?


  1. I like using a bronzer in Summer!

  2. ooo la la i likeeee it :))

    I just followed, follow back?
    I'd really appreciate it!

  3. I have heard great things about Laguna, i have to get it! :p
    My favourite bronzing powder is from Mac, i picked it up in las years Surf Baby collection. It's called Refined Golden. x




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